6ix God.

Nowadays, when you ask someone about Canadian rap, there are a few answers that may pop up. A few may mention Shad, the older generation of hip hop heads may mention veteran Kardinal Offishall, but the majority will mention one person, and one person only. Drizzy Drake.

Drake is Toron- uh, I mean the 6’s- claim to fame. We knew him before the world did, through Degrassi: The Next Generation. It’s why we’re also quick to point out that there wasn’t ever a bottom for “wheelchair Jimmy”. Drake was on the come up before the come up.

Toronto’s not the only one to make fun of Degrass- I mean Drake’s success. Fans, frenemies, and foes alike target the rapper for being, well, soft. What else could a rich kid from Forest Hill be though? Drake’s emotions make him a target for online witticisms; witty criticism we might call it. In most cases, they’re actually pretty hilarious.

We love to hate the guy, but it’s also evident that we can’t get enough of him. If Drake was a cupcake, he’d be the one with just the right amount of icing. Drake is the feeling of waking up and realized you’ve still got 3 hours to sleep. He’s the exception to the rule “no new friends”. Puppy Kisses. Ice cream cones. Milk that is not spilt. Drake is Toronto’s first snowfall, before the winters get dreary. Our special snowflake is keeping it hot up in the 6, boi. Most of all, he knows that is is all working for him:

I know that showin’ emotion don’t ever mean I’m a p****
Know that I don’t make music for n***** who don’t get p****
So those are the ones I count on to diss me or overlook me

Somewhere in the world, Drake lies in bed, with a glass of moscato on his bedside table. He takes a sip before he pulls out his tablet to Google himself; a part of his nightly rituals. He finds my blog. As he reads this entry, a few teardrops fall onto the screen of his iPad. He hastily wipes them away with the sleeve of his soft bath robe, and carries on reading; “I am strong today, I can finish this,” he thinks.  He reaches the end, sees his lyrics, and smiles.  “Shots fired,” Drake whispers.

Bhum, OUT.

14 thoughts on “6ix God.

  1. LMAO… Can never go wrong with Drake… I don’t think he can help his emotions though, especially with a first name that is so feminine (yes I said it!!).


  2. This is so funny!! And describes exactly how I feel about him. I’m completely obsessed with Drake but the “supportive basketball girlfriend” pictures are what I look forward to finding on Instagram, and I laughed so hard when he was getting emotional singing his slower songs at his concert a few weeks ago. He’s such a baby. But regardless, I think all (and there are a lot of them) jokes aside, Drake really put Toronto on the map in a number of different ways. Everyone wants to be a part of the 6ix.


    1. Thanks for the comments Aryana! I too love Drake- but I think he needs to be taken with a grain of salt. He’s definitely a Torontonian at heart, and it does a lot for our persona, but when people make fun of him (in the ways that I just did haha) I wonder how they see our city! As long as Torontonians are proud though, I feel like it’s okay 🙂


    1. Thanks for the comment Kashesh- but hey now! How are you gonna hate on one of Toronto’s favourite people?! I don’t agree that he’s overrated- he’s just a different type of rap from Eminem. Eminem might be GOAT, but if Drake keeps up with the way he’s going, he’ll be GOAT in the future as well for different reasons :). I do admit that Eminem killed everyone on the track “Forever” though!


  3. The images of Drake looking like “the most supportive girlfriend ever” are hilarious! And thanks for letting me know he was in Degrassi I had no clue….so this dude really didn’t start from the bottom – I feel betrayed LOL


    1. Hey Aleecia, thanks for dropping by! And yes, I don’t know what that song is supposed to represent, because it doesn’t represent Drake at all! Luckily it’s a great anthem for others to hear. One day when I make it, I’ll def be rapping it to myself!


  4. Honestly not a big fan of Drake or no really anything about him, but this post definitely made me laugh. The most I know about him is that there is always funny pictures of him at Raptor’s games with some sort of caption. I guess he is like that one guy in your friend group everyone loves to joke about.


    1. Thanks Tim! The best Drake picture was the lint roller one for sure! Not only because it’s hilarious, but because a lot of marketing followed up with it. The brand “Bounce” created lint rollers with Raptor symbols to give out at games, and they’re a fun inside joke for all involved.


  5. Gotta love the memes, though I feel like by the memes I see of him people generally respect him and enjoy his music but are just poking fun at him about something, there’s less maliciousness. What do you think?


    1. Everyone loves to hate Drake, that’s what I think it is. He does super silly things, but at the same time raps very well. It’s like having a best friend who you make fun of as much as you can 😛


  6. Great post! As much as I love Drake there’s no denying that he’s just a lot of fun to make fun of. Everyone make fun of him, Toronto included, but I think for the most part it’s done out of love and it’s nice that Drake seems to be a good sport about it (but then again I guess we don’t get to seem him when he’s at home crying).


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