Thanks for dropping by “Thinking in my Brown Skin”. This is a place where I can unravel the inner workings of my mind, and give myself an outlet for my thoughts. Of course, there are some topics I’m absolutely fixated on- as you’ll come to see!

I started this blog with intentions to take a step back from a world where we’re often inundated by 6 second videos, and constantly updated feeds. Words last longer, and I want my thoughts to come full circle as they land on the page. I wanted an outlet- which I think is important to have when everything else is changing so frequently. As a Torontonian of Indian origin, there is lots to talk and think about- I see the world in colour. Some things are harder to speak of than others, but that is why they matter.

“Thinking in my Brown Skin” is where I talk me. My thoughts, and my words.

TL DR? I’m brown. I think. Go figure. 


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